Uplevel your data discovery - and drive customer expansion

Instant answers to every question about your customers. Connect all of your application and text data sources with prebuilt connectors. Then, use AI to navigate to the best possible actions.

Your customer data belongs together, we connect the dots for you.

No more hunting through complex BI dashboards or waiting for the data team to write SQL for usage insights. Simply ask questions and cloudsquid delivers.

Your customer 360 in slack

Set alerts for important usage events or customer milestones. Chat with data across all your applications right where your team already works.

Stream your most critical data to hubs

Create hubs to always monitor the most important metrics about your customers. You can pin critical insights into customer hubs for easy access.

Plug & Play datasources - your engineers will thank you.

Our platform comes with 10+ integrations out of the box. CRMs, DWHs and Document Sources can all be connected under 10 minutes. Data is not copied - your private data stays in your systems.

Let's turn data from cost to revenue

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